10 Tips to finding an Apartment/room in Copenhagen

This article will try to give some tips & tricks, when you are starting your new study in Copenhagen.


Try to sign up for waiting list for youth apartments, elderly apartments (being turn into youth apartments), or another rental organizations like KAB. You might have to pay a few hundred kroners a year to be on these list, but they can pay off if you sign up in time.


Ideally you and your BFF dream of having a 2-3 room, 2 year rental in Nørrebro or Vesterbro for under 7.000 kr., but unless you have a wealthy parent springing for a “forældrekøb” apartment, you might be a little disappointed. Yes, those apartments do exist and we all know someone who knew someone, but lets be honest they were lucky. Rooms are more available then flats, and if you want to live in the middle of it all you will need to pay more for it. Make a list of your must-haves, wishes, what worst case you can live with and make a budget.

(Remember to you can also apply to “boligstøtte,” if you qualify.)


1.The first and best way to find a room/apartment is your own network. Let them know in advance that you are moving to Copenhagen, and if they know anyone who know anyone

2. Check out the Local Newspapers for each neighborhood and see if their are any options there. Some elderly people have nice apartments and their social media would be the ad section of the local newspaper. You can also place an ad announcing your looking.

3.  If you are considering using a private landlord you must be 100% sure that there is a contract. If it is a high rent maybe it would be appropriate to get a professional to look at the contract. You should never pay your deposit in cash - it is a clear sign of fraud.

4. Look outside of the city, you will get more for your money, be closer to nature and the commute won’t be too bad.

5. Before you sign papers on your new home, it could be smart to talk to your future neighbors, and inquire about the landlord.

6. When you move in, the first thing you should do is to take pictures of your apartment. Make sure your photos are dated. Your photos are evidence of the apartment's condition when you move in. Is there damage, problems with the windows, old pipes, etc. Many private landlords will try to make you accountable for these things, when you move out. Never trust a landlord when they say they are laid-back it could lose you thousands of kroner.

7. Look carefully at your rent compared to the number of square meters - many private landlords tend to take too high rents. If so, contact “huslejenævnet” in your city via www.borger.dk

8.If you find errors in your apartment after you have moved in, so it is important that you make the landlord aware of it within 14 days of you moving in.

9. Don’t Panic, and don’t be desperate, every year thousands of students walk in the same shoes. Don’t be against taking a few short term rentals before you land a long term home.

10. Check out these links and Good Luck

- www.ungdomsboliger.dk

- www.Boligdeal.dk

- www.boligportal.dk

- www.lejerneslo.dk

- www.bolig.dk

- www.boligsurf.dk

- www.boligoensker.dk